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August 20th

Trevor Loudon, Why the Tea Party Must Take over the Republican Party.

Where: Darcy's Restaurant Map here

Time: 6pm social mixer, about 7 Mr. Loudon will begin.

"All of us struggle to make sense out of what we see around us, and we're frustrated because we can't. For example, what sense does it make for an unknown Illinois senator who has accomplished nothing on a scale larger than a neighborhood get elected President of the United States?.." Read more

This man is amazing in the depth of his understanding.

Listen to Trevor's Dream Team for the 2016 election here

The face of the Tea Party

From our fellow workers in the cause of the Republic.
Fredrick Douglass Republican

Repeal the 16th Amendment

Tea Party Patriots has thrown its full support behind Congressman Jim Bridentsine's (R-OK) HJ Res 104, a bill to permanently repeal the 16th Amendment and dismantle the IRS. You can sign the Petition here. And tell others where they can sign it too.

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